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What is in this section?

This section will help you understanding our website and will leave no query for you. Below is the guidance on what, how and when things work on website.

What are our projects?

The project section will tell you about the details of our working and upcoming projects. Below is the description of each project:

Clean Water

This is one of our first project. Water crisis is one of the biggest issue in Pakistan. Pakistan is among 17th of the countries, that are facing water crisis. Most of the people do not have clean or purified water to drink and they are compelled to drink unsafe water, which is full of darts. These small dangerous bacteria make the people sick and it is more painful to say that some people in Pakistan have a small amount of water they start wasting it instead to save water for the poor.

We will provide you the solution of this problem of our country. We are going to plant a number of water refining purifiers in each and every area of Pakistan, gradually. These purifiers will be planted with the help of people who are the part of our projects. You just have to pay RS/-2000 as your share in the purifiers and afterwards RS/-1000 only. You will get two 10litres of purified water bottles i.e. 20litres of water daily including free home delivery, which means you will get 600litres of safe and healthy water each month in only RS/-1000. This is no-profit no-loss thing, we are helping ourselves by being a member of this community.

Donate Blood

Pakistan is among those low-income bracket countries that awfully suffers from lack of blood donors, as an average of 28/10,000 people donate their blood. That is 0.028% out of 100. Some day we could be the one who need the blood, maybe some of us could afford it but most of us can't do so. So this is it. Wake up, start donating blood, your blood can save someone's life. will make the society of blood donors and you will help us achieving this. You can donate blood in the name of ALLAH or you can ask for blood in the hour of need, free of cost and in no time.

All you have to do is to Sign up with us and update your profile with your blood group or you can post in the related (Blood Donation) forum. Anyone who needs it, will simply approach you through our forums.

Neat Food

This mission in this project is solely to give you a better and healthy life and first and the foremost this is Neat-Food. The food that will be all natural and in everyone's approach.

We will have highly qualified team of chemists and food-nutritionists who will first test the eatables and then they are processed in our verified shops from where you can easily and undoubtedly get the eatables of your need and they will be all healthy and natural without any suspicion

Jobs and Business

When the above mentioned projects are running, it will automatically generate good jobs with handsome salary. We no more have to worry about the jobs, then. In the meantime, there will be more investment in our country rather than investing out of it.

What are forums?

The fourm sections are forum users(members). In the fourm section there are several forums that will help you to communicate with other members. This section is further explained below.

Buy together for big savings

In this forum any user will upload a post forexample:

User1 : Hey, I am going to buy a Dawlance fridge anyone else interested?

User2 : Well, same here I am interested in buying a fridge as well.

User3 : Hey, Count me in, I am also intersted.

User1 : We will go together so that we can save money when we buy it in a bulk.

User2 : Sure.

User3 : Fine by me.

When we go and buy things in such a way automatically we will get huge discounts and we will save our money.

Buy,sale or rent a property

In this forum any user will upload a post forexample:

User1 : Hey, I am going to sale a 5 Marla house in Peoples-Colony anyone interested?

User2 : Yes, can you please tell me at what rate?

User1 : I need urgernt money so RS/-50Lac will be the rate.

User2 : Is there any room for negotation?

User1 : Tell me your price?

User2 : RS/-47Lac?

User1 : Done, We'll meet soon.

User2 : Done.

In this manner it will be easy for us to find, sell, rent or buy a property.

Offer a lift, get a lift

In this forum any user will upload a post forexample:

User1 : Hey, I am going to Islamabad from gujranwala at 05:00 PM on 09/24/2017 got sitting space of 4 we will share petrol anyone interested?

User2 : Yes, I am interested.

User1 : I am interested as well.

User2 : I am not sure but reserve a seat for me aswell.

User1 : count me in.

User2 : Be ready tommorow then at sharp 05:00 PM.

This will save money and help us to have a better company and a comfortable drive in a very low budget.


In this forum users can send the acknowledgement about the defaulter/thugs (Users) in our community that will help others to beware of such users. On the other hand the with quickly take action against them and block such user.


In this section of fourms you can suggest us anything. We will take your ideas and suggestions in account.

Our Request

Promote this thought so that we can have a better life style, a healthy life. Be a member be a part of this campain. Take a small step for a big change.