About Us

What is awam.co?

We are here for a change, change that could let us live a peaceful life. A life for which we have always been longing. We are here to revolutionize our way of thinking. A way that could help everyone and made things easy for us.

It will revolutionize our market. Products will be costumer friendly in terms of quality as well as money.

This will raise our voice in the form of a mass people group lead by awam.co. We will get healthier food and in less expenses. We will compromise neither on quality nor on quantity.

What will awam.co provide?

We will provide you with a better and a healthy lifestyle, an environment in which we could live without tensions, where everything is in everyone's range, where we all are same, where there is no room for racism.

We will make you a community. A community that knows what are their needs and how will they get what they want?

What we need in return?

All we need from you is, to wake up and get what you deserve.

How will you do that?

  • Open awam.co

  • SignUp and became a member.

  • Enjoy our faclities.

  • Just that simple it is.


Omar Farooq


Yahya Arif