Our Philosophy

CEO's Vision

I am very pleased to address you as the CEO of awam.co. My vision is to make you people united so that you can take a stand on your own. Our first and foremost goal is to have a healthylife style, to earn good and to live in a beautiful and echofriendly enviorment.

Join us! Make this a big communtiy. We will raise voice against your problems and we will together solve them. we have to make Pakistan a better place for our childrens. Leaving such an enviornemnt for our childrens will be way more better for them then to leave a bulk of heritage. So get up, join us, make your voice worth.

Day Book & Ledger


In summary section you will get to know where and how your money is being used? In a compelete detailed manner.


The project section will tell you about the details of our working and upcomming projects.


The group for each town and there members are shown in a manner to make it easy to get to know others.